Tackle your hearing loss this Men’s Health Month

Admit it, if you’re a man, you know why there was a need to devote an entire month to men’s health. Because being from Mars, men too often choose to ignore their health and too frequently brush issues off with a curt and usually-untrue “I’m fine.”

So yes, thankfully there is a Men’s Health Month — a well-needed, focused time to heighten awareness of preventable health problems in men and encourage early detection and treatment of disease* — and it happens to be June (now)!

Hearing loss is one of those health problems that can and should be detected and treated early. Why? Because research has shown that untreated hearing loss is linked to many issues, including increased risk of falls, employment and salary imbalances, social isolation, and links to depression and dementia, just to name a few.

But preventing future issues is not the only reason to looking into treating your hearing loss.

Now, more men than ever are realizing how much better everything is when they hear their best. How much it adds to their quality of life to be able to enjoy music or TV, feel part of conversations and activities, and not miss out on life’s best moments because hearing loss is holding them back.

And more than ever, the stigma of wearing hearing aids is long gone, as everyone and their brothers have things sticking out of their ears, or are using technology to get an edge in life.

Don’t believe us? Take the King’s word for it, then.

Take charge of your health and your hearing!

If you’ve got hearing issues, use this month to get them checked out — it’s super easy to do.

You can start by taking our free online hearing test. Or, type your zip code in here and you’ll a find a list of local hearing healthcare professionals who can test your hearing and consult with you on possible treatment options.

You can always go back to saying “I’m fine” in July. But maybe this time it will actually be true ;)


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By Starkey Hearing