Hearing loss can lead to more accidental injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), accidental or unintentional injury deaths are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

That statistic took this writer by surprise. But it’s also one that makes today’s hearing fact especially noteworthy. And urgent.

Because today’s hearing fact — which was a conclusion from a cross-sectional analysis of several surveys covering over 6 million U.S. adults — notes that people with “a lot of trouble” hearing were twice as likely to have accidental injuries as those who didn’t have hearing difficulties.

Combine the two — accidental injuries are a leading cause of death and hearing loss significantly increases the risk of accidents — and it adds up to one really good reason to treat hearing loss!

But minimizing the risks of accidental injuries (and their consequences) isn’t the only reason to do something about your hearing loss. In fact, we'd argue that reconnecting to family and friends, ensuring you don’t get left out, and improving your quality of life are three even better ones. Those are all conclusions from people who have dealt with their hearing loss.

If you're ready to treat your hearing loss and be proactive about your future health and well-being, we can help. Simply type your zip code in here and you'll see a list of hearing healthcare professionals in your area who can test your hearing and consult with you about options available to you.


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By Starkey Hearing