If you’re over 65, chances are good you’ll have hearing loss

Want to know something that will surprise you? The older we get, the more likely it is we’ll lose our hearing.

We’re kidding! Not about the older we get part, but that it will surprise you.

We all know our hearing will get worse as we age, right? Just like our eyesight will fade, our muscles will weaken, our hair will gray (and thin), and we’ll become more mature, wise and accomplished.

Feels like a fair trade-off to living a long, fulfilling life, don’t you think?

So today’s hearing statistic — that a third of us between 65 and 74 have hearing loss — isn’t surprising. But it is a good reminder that if you have hearing loss, you are definitely not alone. (Oh, btw, your odds increase even more the older you live.)

Here is a potentially surprising stat: In 2019, the number of Americans over 65 was 54 million — but by 2060, that number is expected to nearly double, to 95 million. 

We aren’t kidding, then, when we say that’s got the potential to be a lot of people asking “what did you say?”, a lot of TV sets turned up way too loud, and a lot of missed moments (that won’t have to be) if those 95 million don’t do something about their hearing loss.

Though, by 2060, maybe hearing loss will be cured, TVs won’t exist, and moments will all be virtual and purchasable on demand. So there's that.

If you have hearing loss now and don't want it to negatively impact your quality of life, we can help. Simply type your zip code in here and you’ll get a list of hearing healthcare professionals in your area who can test your hearing and consult with you about treatment options available to you.


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