Doctors don’t always ask you how you’re hearing

Everybody is busy it seems. “Time” is consistently high on the list of things people wish they had more of.

That could be one reason why, in a recent national poll, 80 percent of adults over 50 said their doctor hadn’t asked about their hearing in the past two years. Doctors are busy. Appointment times are limited. And if a hearing-related issue isn’t the purpose of your visit, it makes sense they might not.

You’re busy, too. That could be one reason why you pooh-pooh your hearing loss and don’t bring it up when your doctor doesn’t ask. “It’s not that bad,” you tell yourself, “and since my doctor didn’t bring it up, it must not be an issue.”

It might not be an issue now, but studies show it could lead to several later. And if it’s preventing you from feeling connected and informed, safe and engaged, or confident and independent, then it is an issue now.

That’s why we encourage folks to be proactive about their hearing health. It takes less time to do than you might think. Start by taking our free, five-minute hearing test. Then, if hearing loss is confirmed, bring it up with your doctor (don’t wait for them to ask about it).

Or, reach out to local hearing healthcare professional who specializes in hearing loss. They'll most certainly ask about your hearing.

Not sure where to find one? We can help. Simply type your zip code in here and you’ll get a list of hearing professionals in your area who can help you hear your best in no time.


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By Starkey Hearing