Hearing aids are linked to delayed diagnosis of numerous negative health conditions

There’s a reason we’re confident when, at Starkey, we say “Hear Better – Live Better.” And it’s not just because of the many positive social aspects of hearing your best — like staying connected to friends and family, feeling a part of activities and interactions, and enjoying the sounds of music, media and nature.

It’s also because of the numerous negative health conditions that have been linked to untreated hearing loss, including decreased cognitive function, higher incidences of hospitalizationsdepression and falls, and increased risk of social isolation and dementia.

And, finally, it’s because of studies like the one cited in today’s hearing fact that found that “the use of hearing aids is associated with delayed diagnosis” of many of those health conditions, including dementia, depression, anxiety, falls and more.

The combination of the negative conditions linked to untreated hearing loss and the many positive things tied to hearing your best is why we don’t just say when you hear better, you live better — we believe it!

If you’re ready to hear better and start living better, we can help. Simply type your zip code in here and a you’ll get a list of hearing healthcare professionals in your area who can test your hearing and consult with you about options available to help treat any hearing loss.


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By Starkey Hearing