Your hearing is worth protecting

Feeling invincible. It’s standard operating procedure when you’re young. And while it leads to many good things — like convincing you to try or do things you might otherwise not try or do — it can also lead to problems by, ummm, convincing you to try or do things you probably shouldn’t try or do.

One thing youthful invincibility convinces many of us to do is not give a thought about future hearing loss, as today’s hearing fact from the CDC helps prove.

But there are consequences to that nonchalance. It’s why many of us end up struggling to hear as we get older, including one third of folks between 65 and 74. Those numbers only rise the older we get.

National Protect Your Hearing Month was created to help counter our instinct to take our hearing for granted. It’s an entire month dedicated to increasing public awareness about the importance of hearing and good hearing protection practices.

And to be sure, hearing is important. Hearing connects us and helps us feel included and independent. It can tighten relationships with friends and family, enhance music, TV and movies, and can make partaking in nature, activities and events more immersive and enjoyable.

Protect your hearing every month, not just October

Hearing loss doesn’t have to happen, and doesn’t take a ton of work to help prevent. Today, more than ever, we know what causes noise-induced hearing loss, have tips to help prevent hearing loss, and have access to hearing protection products that are portable, convenient and amazingly efficient.

There is power to the feeling of invincibility, and we absolutely don’t want to take that zeal away. Instead, we’d argue that by protecting your hearing now, you’ll help keep this amazing sense far into the future, which will prolong the feeling that nothing can stop you or slow you down.


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By Starkey Hearing