Archelle Georgiou, MD, explains how hearing is tied to our overall health

Have you listened to our new podcast yet? Premiering just a month ago, Starkey Sound Bites is the podcast for folks who like to geek out about all things hearing — from its importance in our life and effect on us when it’s lost, to digging into the latest research, technology, and hearing-related issues of the day.

In each episode, Starkey’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Dave Fabry, sits down for an in-depth conversation with a specific subject matter expert to simplify the complex, ask and get answers to the questions inquiring minds want to know, and make everyone listening even smarter.

We’ll confess, some episodes are geekier than others and probably get too in the weeds for casual fans. Other episodes, like the one with our Chief Health Officer, Archelle Georgiou, MD, will appeal to anyone who has hearing loss, cares about someone with hearing loss, or wants to know more about this amazing and vital sense.

You can preview some of what Dave and Archelle talk about below — but we recommend you listen to the entire episode for free here.


Dave Fabry, Ph.D. — "Job one for any hearing aid is to improve audibility for speech and sound quality for speech in both quiet and noisy listening environments. But then, as you said, there is so much more that really, maybe we knew before the COVID pandemic, but we learned in the past year… So can you talk a little bit about the health issues that are related to hearing loss?"

Archelle Georgiou, MD — "So I always look at the positives of most situations. And well, COVID has been a huge tragedy to the world, I am hopeful that one of the things that COVID did make everyone aware of is to validate that hearing loss is associated with depression, anxiety, loneliness, social isolation, and because so many more people felt it that something that we've known for years because the research has shown for many years, that hearing loss is associated with all of those issues. It was almost something we didn't talk about, but now we're talking about it more."

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