Celebrating International Women's Day

In observance of International Women’s Day on March 8, here’s an excerpt from our recent Starkey Sound Bites podcast episode, featuring Starkey Chief Philanthropy Officer Tani Austin. From the beginning of her career — as a business owner in the hearing industry — she’s been both a trail blazer and advocate for other female leaders. She spoke with host Dr. Dave Fabry about who and what has inspired her along the way. You can listen to the entire episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Tani Austin — “I was raised by my mother Pat Manhart. She had her own business in the 1960s, which was almost unheard of, for a woman to have their own business back then. She loved the hearing aid aspect of it and helping people, and I was just raised around it. It wasn't what she did. It was who she was. She just absolutely embraced the hearing aid profession. I've mirrored myself after her in many respects. I had my own business in the hearing aid industry and ran four clinics in Southern Illinois…

To me, there’s a very important connection between International Women's Day and hearing loss. Over 480 million people around the world suffer from what the World Health Organization considers to be a disabling amount of hearing loss. By 2050, it’s predicted that number will grow to 700 million. This isn't going to go away, and women are key to improving accessibility for their families, their sons, and daughters. Women play such an important role in improving the lives of those with hearing loss. We couldn’t do this work without them.

Speaking of amazing women, Bill and I have been so amazed at the masterful, excellent leadership for Starkey in the last several years. I'm so proud of their leadership and grateful for the ongoing dedication and commitment to help people around the world hear better, so they can live better.”


To learn about Starkey’s corporate social responsibility program, Starkey Cares, please click here.

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