Hear’s to mothers everywhere!

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday — a terrific time to remember and say thanks for all the things our mothers did and do for us, starting with, of course, bringing us into the world.

Cards, brunches and bouquets are the traditional way to honor Mom. But wouldn’t it be more rewarding if you could say thanks by helping to make her life easier going forward? We have just the gift.

Flowers are nice. Better hearing is better.

As moms age — actually, as most people age — hearing loss is highly likely to occur. After all, hearing loss affects more than half of US adults 60 or older, and goes up to two-thirds of folks over 70. For some, hearing loss is gradual and might not be obvious. For others, it comes on quickly and is noticeable by all.

But for everyone, it can add nuisance, complications and constraints to their life — especially if left untreated.

  • Health-related consequences of untreated hearing loss are proven, and are known to include increased risk of falls, depression and even dementia.
  • People who choose not to treat their hearing loss are more likely to become socially isolated, or will minimize doing many of the things they once loved — like go out to eat, listen to music, or connect regularly with family and friends.
  • Little things like straining to hear at a school concert, missing important instructions or news, or being uncertain about what you just heard all add up to making daily life more challenging and less rewarding than it needs to be.

Don’t let hearing loss impact your mother’s quality of life.

Better hearing is one of the best gifts you can give.

Show your love (and creativity) for your mother this Mother's Day by starting her on the path to better hearing. It’s easy and will be a gift she’ll benefit from for the rest of her life.

You can start by scheduling a hearing evaluation with a local hearing professional who can test your mom’s hearing, measure her hearing loss precisely, and consult with you both about her options. Just type your zip code in here and you’ll generate a list of nearby hearing healthcare professionals or audiologists who you can reach out to for help.


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