Nearly twice as many men have hearing loss than women

June is Men’s Health Month, and Sunday is Father’s Day. Both are a good reason to bubble up this #HearingFactFriday: According to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, men between the ages of 20-69 are almost twice as likely to have hearing loss as women in that same age group.

Why? Experts don’t know for sure. But most agree that the discrepancy is probably due to the occupational and lifestyle differences between men and women. Or, as Starkey’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Dave Fabry, puts it, “men are more likely to be involved in noisy activities both at work and at home.”

Men are more likely to have military careers, or jobs in construction or industrial settings with loud equipment. Men are also more likely to participate in recreational activities where they’re exposed to loud noise, such as hunting or shooting.

Regardless of why, it’s important that men take hearing loss seriously, especially with all the research and information linking untreated hearing loss to significant quality-of-life issues, including links to decreased cognitive function, higher incidences of hospitalizationsdepression and falls, and increased risk of social isolation and dementia.

A much better Father’s Day gift than more golf balls

The good news is, more men are taking hearing loss seriously, and today’s sleek and high-tech hearing devices are a big reason why. These cool, multipurpose hearing aids eliminate the stigma that once stopped people from wearing hearing aids, and give everyone who wears them life-changing benefits that are well worth a single week of awkwardness.

If you think you’re experiencing hearing loss and are ready to do something about it, we can help. Simply type your zip code in here and you’ll find a list of local hearing professionals and audiologists who you can test your hearing, consult with about your options, and even demo our latest hearing aid technology.


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