Evolv AI makes better hearing more effortless than ever

If the most important job of a hearing aid is to sound natural and make speech clearer than the noise around it, then it’s no wonder Evolv AI have been our best reviewed and most popular hearing aids ever.

Now, with their newest update, we’ve taken the sound quality of Evolv AI hearing aids to an entirely new level, resulting in even clearer sound, less background noise, and easy, comfortable listening wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Key to Evolv AI’s realistic and crystal clear Starkey Sound™ is the artificial intelligence (AI) and Starkey’s patented technology engineered into each and every device.

But most of us don’t want to know how the hearing aid is made. All we care about is that it:

  • Delivers natural sound
  • Makes it easy to hear the people we’re talking to — especially in noisy environments
  • Ensures loud sounds are comfortable
  • Helps us know what direction sounds are coming from

Evolv AI hearing aids do all those things better than any hearing aid we’ve ever built!


Always on — always automatic

While sound quality alone sets Evolv AI hearing aids apart from every other hearing aid available today, that wasn’t enough for our engineers at Starkey. They wanted to make better hearing as effortless as possible.

Evolv AI does exactly that by automating the listening experience so you don’t have to do anything extra (if you don’t want to).

From the moment you put Evolv AI hearing aids on in the morning until the minute you take them off at night, they do all the work, constantly scanning the environment you’re in and making up to 55 million automatic adjustments each hour — all to track, classify and instantly process the everchanging multitude of sounds that surround you.

While this intelligent, advanced sound processing is happening “under the hood”, all you notice is that you’re able hear what you want to hear, know where sounds are coming from, and that listening is easy and effortless again.

Extra clarity in noise

For those who do like to do a little extra, our proprietary Edge Mode feature is just for you. Initially used to help wearers hear people wearing masks more clearly, Edge Mode has been enhanced to provide additional speech clarity when riding in a car, train or plane — or anywhere noise is exceptionally challenging.

A simple double tap of your hearing aids activates Edge Mode anytime you need it. Once activated, Edge Mode scans the acoustic environment you’re in, then instantly optimizes sound to deliver enhanced speech audibility on demand.


Evolv AI makes staying connected effortless, too

The whole reason we want to hear our best is to stay connected — to our friends and loved ones, the activities we enjoy most, and the information we need on a daily basis.

Evolv AI has that covered.

Evolv AI’s superior sound quality helps ensure you never miss out on in-person conversations, moments, or events — while connectivity enhancements stream the things you like to do on your iPhone or Android crisply and clearly into your ears, whether it’s making phone calls, watching videos, listening to music and podcasts, or staying in touch via video chat.

Even daily life is more effortless when you wear Evolv AI

If you’re going to wear hearing aids all day long to help you stay active and engaged, why not have them make other parts of your life effortless, too?

At Starkey, it was that kind of thinking that led us to create the world’s first multipurpose hearing aid in 2018 and earn a TIME Magazine Best Invention in the process.

Evolv AI hearing aids take that 2018 innovation to the next level, providing an array of health monitoring and intelligent assistant benefits in a single device. No need to buy or wear multiple devices, or to sync numerous different technologies.

Using our updated Thrive Hearing Control app, Evolv AI hearing aids let you:

  • Take and end calls directly from your hearing aids instead of your Apple* device.
  • Measure your daily activity, similar to a Fitbit.
  • Set and measure engagement goals, which are important for good cognitive health.
  • Detect falls and automatically send alerts to select caregivers.
  • Translate languages in real time straight to your hearing aids.
  • Have your hearing professional make adjustments remotely, without needing to go into their office.
  • Schedule reminders to take medications or other tasks.
  • Find your hearing aids (or smartphones) if they’re lost or misplaced.
  • And much, much more!


Experience Evolv AI for yourself

If you’ve been putting off getting hearing aids or holding off on upgrading the current ones you wear, now is the time to Evolv. To try Evolv AI hearing aids for yourself, just reach out to your hearing care professional.

Don’t have a hearing care professional? We can help. Type your zip code in here and you’ll get a list of authorized hearing professionals in your area who can test your hearing, consult with you about hearing loss, and let you try Evolv AI risk-free for at least a month. Professional fees may apply.


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*Compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and later, as well as iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation), iPad Air (4th generation), and iPad mini (6th generation).


By Starkey Hearing