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What is life without the people we care about, right? You know who they are — the family, friends or other connections who allow us to share what’s happening in our lives. The people who we know will be there for us when or if we need them. Even when life gets busy. And we know that can happen, whether we’re juggling kids and work or focusing on a new hobby or our health journey.

This is where technology can play a powerful role in keeping everyone connected. For hearing aid wearers and the people who care about them, that technology is the Hear Share app.

What is the Hear Share app?

Hear Share is an app used by the family, friends, or caregivers of the hearing aid wearer. It allows them to view important markers of the wearer’s hearing progress, physical activity, and overall wellness — which the wearer shares from their Thrive app.

The Thrive app allows hearing aid wearers the option of tracking this information through their Evolv AI or Livio AI hearing aids. 

The important markers the hearing aid wearer can choose to share via Hear Share include:

  • Hearing aid connection status — to ensure the hearing aids are being worn
  • Time spent actively hearing and engaging with others, or doing physical activities like steps, exercise and/or standing
  • Graphical look at progress, plus insights and general activity details — all viewable by day, week, month, or year
  • Recent falls, missed hearing and activity goals, and more

What are the benefits of the Hear Share app?

Hear Share delivers numerous benefits for both hearing aid wearers and those who care about them, including:

Easily share progress

Hearing aid wearers: Perhaps you’ve made some exciting progress with your hearing or just achieved a step goal. Or maybe you’ve had a fall or two lately and could use some support. Hear Share keeps your connections in the know so they can be there for you.

Connections: Hear Share allows you to check in and stay up to date on the person you care about — all from the palm of your hand. So you can cheer them on, lend an ear, or support them in getting the help they need.

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Maintain independence

Hearing aid wearers: Your progress belongs to you. That’s why Hear Share lets you share whatever information you choose with whomever you choose, from your Thrive app.

Connections: Hear Share is a great way to support your hearing aid wearer’s autonomy, while helping them stay safe and active. Awareness is everything when it comes to those you care about — and with Hear Share, it’s just a few taps away.

Enjoy peace of mind

Hearing aid wearers: You’ve got this, but there’s nothing wrong with some comfort in knowing others have your back. Everyone deserves that, and that’s what those important people in your life are there for. (Psst — they know you’d want to be there for them, too).

Connections: You care about your hearing aid wearer and want that peace of mind in knowing they’re safe and healthy. As the next best thing to being there, Hear Share helps you attain that.

Hear Share is easy to use

Hear Share is very easy to set up and use. Hearing aid wearers can select the information they’d like to share and invite their connection to join Hear Share from their Thrive app. Just follow the easy set-up instructions found here

Once connections receive the Hear Share invite in their email inbox, they just tap the link in the email to accept and download the app.

And then let the sharing begin. (We all know that caring part has been there from the start.)

Learn more about the Hear Share app here.


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