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Hearing plays a key role in your physical and mental health, and Genesis AI hearing aids are the best place to start if you have hearing loss — thanks to reimagined, true-to-life sound quality that helps you stay connected with your world. Now, imagine if you could take this innovation further and enjoy even better hearing moments, improve your well-being, and simplify your life?

Imagine getting instant hearing help the second a gathering becomes louder, taking calls straight from your hearing aids or, cooler yet, using them to track your steps, exercise, and interactions — all from the palm of your hand.

This is only the beginning of all you can do — with the My Starkey hearing aid app.

My Starkey is the companion app for Genesis AI hearing aids — and the best friend you and your hearing aids could have. Designed with the help of hearing aid wearers, this easy-to-use app links your smartphone with your hearing aids to give you extra features that can make hearing and living even easier. And more enjoyable.

Let’s explore some of My Starkey’s top features and benefits.

Enjoy even better hearing moments — with more control

My Starkey is packed with features that help you take control of your hearing journey so you can enjoy it your way.

Hearing control

Consider your hearing aids ready for your individual needs, with features that allow you to adjust settings, plus customize them for favorite places like a coffee shop or gym. Volume and equalizer? You control those, too. With a few taps, you can even track lost hearing aids.

Edge Mode+ best sound

For those tricky listening situations you can’t predict, Edge Mode+ uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce background noise and make speech clearer on demand. It’s a must-have for sudden noise increases in restaurants or when speech becomes difficult to understand.


Experience even more true-to-life listening with the ability to easily stream calls, music, video, audio, and more — directly to your hearing aids.

Learning tools

Whether you need a quick lesson on changing wax guards or advice on adapting to hearing aids, you have a fresh library of “how-to” videos, tutorials, and articles at your fingertips.


Stay healthier and safer

Better hearing supports your overall well-being, and My Starkey can help you maintain both.

Personal health monitoring 

Sensors inside Genesis AI hearing aids not only help you count steps and track physical activities like a Fitbit, but they’re also able to monitor your daily hearing and social engagement — which is important for good cognitive health. Need a little motivation? You can easily set goals for hearing or movement, with detailed personal insights to guide you along the way.

Fall detection 

Stay safe while you’re active. My Starkey is the only hearing aid app that can help detect if you fall and alert your family or friends.

Noise awareness 

Get help knowing when your hearing may need protecting, with daily insights into the noise levels around you.

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Make life easier 

My Starkey’s intelligent features can help simplify your life, giving you more time to enjoy better hearing moments.


Widen your connections with the ability to communicate with speakers of over 70 different languages using your app. My Starkey can translate conversations between you and others in real time. 

Smart Assistant 

Just speak into the My Starkey app to adjust settings, set reminders, ask questions about hearing aid topics, and more — it’s that simple.


Why check your phone when scheduled tasks, appointments, and more can be streamed right to your hearing aids? They can with My Starkey.

TeleHear remote sessions

Get adjustments to your hearing aids right from your armchair with TeleHear, the feature that helps you minimize office visits by meeting with your hearing care professional via video chat. 

Take a closer look at all of My Starkey’s features here.

My Starkey app is easy to use and set up

When it comes to being user-friendly, My Starkey goes the extra mile. It’s fast, exceptionally readable, and intuitive to your needs. Your most-used features will always be exactly where you need them — they don’t call it My Starkey for nothing.

My Starkey is also easy to set up. Head here for simple, step-by-step guidance, and you’re on your way.

It’s never been easier to enjoy even better hearing moments, boost your well-being, and live your best life — with the Genesis AI hearing aids and the My Starkey app.

Not sure where to get Genesis AI hearing aids? We can help. Simply type your zip code in here and you’ll find a list of local hearing care professionals and audiologists who you can contact for a demonstration of our latest hearing technology.


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