Dear Mom: Four reasons why we want you to get your hearing checked

Dearest Moms and Grandmoms,

On this Mother’s Day, we’d like to take this space to thank you for your unconditional love, time, and energy. You support us in our endeavors and help us feel special in all the ways that matter. You make home — and anywhere with you — a safe and loving place to be. All of this has amounted to unforgettable moments we would never have had if not for you. So, thank you.

Now, we know we’ve asked you for a lot of things in the past — from cutting the crusts off our sandwiches to accepting and paying for our collect calls from places near and…err…admittedly very far (love you!). But if there was just one more thing we could ask for, it would be to take time for you.

And we don’t mean it in a greeting card kind of way: Allow yourself to make your health and happiness a priority. This includes getting your hearing checked regularly and treating any hearing loss you may have.

Why the big focus on hearing loss? Well, it’s a common health condition as we age, affecting one in three adults between 65 and 74, and half of those older than 75. For some, hearing loss is gradual and not overtly obvious. For others, it comes on quickly and is noticeable by all. However, as hearing loss develops, it’s important to treat it.

That’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself — but also to us, your children, and grandchildren.

Here are four reasons why we would love for you to get your hearing checked:

1. We want you to stay healthy and safe

Health-related consequences of untreated hearing loss are proven and known to include dementia, and increased risk of falls and hospitalizations. Just as you’d want for us, we want you to still be able to enjoy taking your morning walk, playing your guitar, gardening — every activity that makes you happy. With better hearing, you can.

2. We want you to enjoy time with friends and loved ones

You are loved by many — from your oldest friend who joins you at the diner, to your youngest grandchild who always laughs at your jokes. But unfortunately, hearing loss puts you at risk for becoming socially isolated from everyone. This may arise from ongoing struggles to hear others over background noise, frustration with not understanding what was said, and so on. Better hearing helps you stay a part of everything, while feeling good the way you should be.

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3. We don’t want you to miss a single moment

Little things like straining to hear at a school play, your daughter-in-law’s birthday gathering, or even missing important instructions all add up to taking joy out of your life. Whether we’re reminiscing about family vacations or sharing a brand-new adventure tomorrow, we want you with us and living each moment to the fullest. It all begins with better hearing.

4. You deserve it

Most importantly, treat your hearing loss for you. You deserve to be able to do the things you love, experience the moments that matter with the people who matter, and live daily life with the freedom and confidence to let your light shine. As your kids and grandkids who care about you, that’s something none of us want to be without.

Hearing evaluations are easy and pain-free

Getting your hearing checked isn’t as big of a deal as you might think. It’s painless, often free, and can help determine if you even have hearing loss (sometimes it’s actually just earwax).

Plus, experts recommend getting your hearing tested by a licensed hearing care professional every three years once you turn 50. So, think of your hearing evaluation as part of your routine physical — much like an eye exam.

If it turns out hearing aids can help, the professional can walk you through your options and help you find the best hearing solution for your unique needs.

To find a hearing care professional near you, simply type your zip code in here and you’ll generate a list of local hearing providers who you can reach out to. 

Happy Mother’s Day! As always, thanks for listening.

Moms and Grandmoms — here’s to all the unforgettable life moments you gave us, and to being there with us for those yet to come. Allow yourself to put your hearing health first. And because it’s you, the happiness will follow.


Your Kids and Grandkids


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