Research overview

The Audiological Research team works closely with professionals from various disciplines to develop advanced digital technology for products that are beneficial to the hearing aid user. Research studies, of theoretical and practical interest, focus mostly on viable hearing aid applications.

We are seeking individuals to participate in ongoing research studies of new developments in hearing aid technology and digital sound processing. These studies are conducted several times a year and typically involve three to six visits over a four-to-eight-week period. Visits are between 30 minutes and two hours long.

Participants evaluate new technology through laboratory evaluations and/or by wearing the research hearing aids in their everyday lives. During field trials, participants complete "homework" assignments, providing us with their opinions and preferences in various listening situations. Research hearing aids can be any style and are dictated by the requirements and goals of the study.

Research records are maintained in accordance with current privacy regulations. Involvement in research is voluntary; participants may withdraw at any time without prejudice.

By becoming involved in research, participants gain a better understanding of their own hearing loss, learn about advances in new technology, and have the opportunity to contribute to innovation in hearing aids by sharing their opinions and experiences. At the end of the study, participants are paid a stipend plus mileage for their contribution and are required to return the research devices. Participants who wish to purchase hearing aids are referred back to their hearing healthcare professional.

Research privacy policy