What to expect

Projects on the horizon include advanced signal processing and wireless technology. While no study is "typical," the outline below provides an overview of the process.

Hearing Evaluation

(Duration: 1–2 hours)

All research participants undergo a hearing evaluation to establish candidacy.

For individuals who are candidates for research participation, we will take impressions of your ears and have you sign the necessary paperwork.

Depending on the needs of current projects, you may not be able to participate in a study right away. In that case, your information will be added to our participant database for use at a later date. If more than six months elapse prior to your participation in a study, your hearing will be re-tested at that time.

Hearing Aid Fitting

(Duration: 2 hours)

Participants are fitted with hearing aids by an audiologist using standard clinical procedures. This includes instructions on using the devices.

Participants may be asked to complete questionnaires at the session or during a field evaluation. Instructions will be provided as needed.

Field Evaluation

(Duration: 1–2 weeks)

Participants evaluate the research hearing aids in a variety of listening environments. Although the specific task varies depending on the goal of the study, field evaluations almost always involve filling out a questionnaire. Completed questionnaires are returned to the audiologist and are reviewed at the next session.

Follow-Up Visit(s)

(Duration: 2 hours)

The audiologist reviews your experiences with the devices.

Adjustments may be made to the hearing aids and/or earmolds based on your comments and the requirements of the study.

Laboratory evaluations of sound quality, speech understanding and/or hearing aid performance may be performed.

Participants may be asked to complete questionnaires at the session or during a field evaluation. Instructions will be provided as needed.

The exact number of follow-up visits and the time intervals between them depends on the need for fine-tuning adjustments and the scope of the study.

Final Session

(Duration: 1–2 hours)

The final session is similar to the follow-up visits.

Research hearing aids must be returned to the audiologist at this visit.

Post Study

Thank you letters and stipends are sent out to participants within a few weeks of completion of the study.

Some studies offer focus groups upon completion. This allows participants the opportunity to meet each other and share their experiences with other Starkey staff who are also part of the project.

What to bring to your appointment:

Once your appointment has been scheduled, please make sure to bring the following items and information with you:

  • Your own hearing aids (if applicable)
  • Your reading glasses (if applicable)
  • Any information you have on your hearing loss and/or hearing aids
  • Any forms or questionnaires that you have completed ahead of time
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