#HearingFactFriday: Wearing hearing aids provides many benefits for people with hearing loss

three year study involving over 800 adults between ages 69-83 confirms there is solid evidence that hearing aids help people listen better and participate more fully in everyday activities. 

Dr. Melanie Ferguson, who led the study on behalf of a team at the UK’s Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, said the research also showed evidence that “there are benefits to [wearer’s] general health from using hearing aids.” 

“For the first time,” Dr. Ferguson went on to say, “we are able to reassure people…that using hearing aids has a number of proven benefits on their quality of life.”  

For more information on the benefits of treating hearing loss, visit our new Hearing Journey tool. It’s got answers to a ton of your questions, whether you’re just starting to wonder if you have hearing loss or are actively searching for help.  

Check it outand stay in charge of your quality of life as you age. 


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By Starkey Hearing