#HearingFactFriday: Today's hearing aid wearers are like, “whatever”

People who could benefit from hearing aids, but choose not to get them, come up with all kinds of reasons for that choice. One we used to hear often is embarrassment, or that they’d “make me look old.”

Luckily, that excuse is fading in the rearview mirror — for many reasons:

  • Today’s hearing aids are small, sleek and modern looking
  • It’s tougher standing out in today’s culturally diverse, multi-generational world
  • Ear-worn accessories like headphones are nearly ubiquitous, and people of all ages wear them

And the most important reason of all? Today’s hearing aid wearers have come to realize “who cares?” — hearing and living your best trumps a quizzical stare or two any day of the week.

A survey by the non-profit Better Hearing Institute backs this up — with 70 percent of hearing aid wearers answering “never” when asked how often they feel embarrassed wearing their hearing aids and 15 percent saying “rarely.”

Ready to move past the stigma and try hearing aids for yourself? Call 1-888-908-1845 or click here and we’ll help you schedule a consultation with a hearing care professional in your area.

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By Starkey Hearing