Self Check: The easy way to keep your hearing aids performing their best

Once you experience how well hearing aids keep you connected to the world and the people you love, you realize how important regular maintenance of them really is. And now it’s even easier to help your hearing aids stay in working order and last longer — thanks to Self Check.

Self Check is a My Starkey app feature that allows you to perform a simple, do-it-yourself diagnostic test on your hearing aids’ electronic components — the microphone, receiver, and circuit (or the “brains” of the hearing aid). In just a few taps, you can examine these parts for buildup of wax or other debris, which can interfere with the sound quality of your hearing aids.

Simply run Self Check each month — or sooner if you feel your hearing aids aren’t working properly. Within minutes, you’ll know if:

  • Your hearing aids are in good working condition
  • Specific component(s) need cleaning
  • Wax guard(s) need changing
  • You should seek help from your hearing care professional

Top benefits of using Self Check

Adding Self Check as a monthly step to your hearing aid maintenance routine can pay off in several ways:

Save time by solving issues yourself

Self Check offers you the convenience of identifying specific electronic component issues and potentially resolving them — from home. No appointments or trips to your hearing care professional needed.

Resolve bigger problems before they can occur

Discovering earwax/dirt/oil buildup or internal processing issues now can help you avoid bigger sound quality issues in the future. Thanks to Self Check, you can be more thorough with your hearing aid upkeep than ever before.

Help extend the life of your hearing aids

Using Self Check to help keep your hearing aids in working order plus detect potential larger issues is one of the best ways to extend the life of a valuable assistive technology like hearing aids.

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How to use Self Check in six easy steps

Using Self Check is easy. But first, you’ll want to make sure you have the My Starkey app on your smartphone or other device. If you don’t: Head to the app store and download My Starkey, click here to set up, and you’re ready to use Self Check.

Once you’ve opened Self Check on your My Starkey app, follow these steps:

1. Put your hearing aids in the first program
This is the default program of your hearing aids.

2. Find a quiet place and remove hearing aids from ears
Place them on a flat surface, ensuring the side that goes into your ear is face-up. 

3. Run Self Check
Tap the Run Self Check button. Immediately, Self Check begins to check your hearing aids for any issues.

4. Review your results
When Self Check is complete, review the results screen. This uses symbols to show the working state of each electronic component (receiver, microphone, and circuit) within your right and left hearing aids:

  • Green “√”(checkmark) — your hearing aid’s performance is normal. No action needed.
  • Yellow “!” (exclamation point) — your hearing aid needs attention or cleaning. 
  • Red “X”(letter) — hearing care professional is needed for hearing aid cleaning or repair.

5. Resolve issues if needed
Tap the Details link beneath each electronic component that needs attention. Friendly, step-by-step guidance will tell you exactly what simple maintenance is needed or whether you should contact your hearing care professional for help.

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6. Run Self Check again
If you performed any maintenance, tap the Check again button to run Self Check again and ensure any issues were resolved. If you are still seeing the yellow “!” or red “X”, it’s time to seek help from your hearing care professional.

Easy, right? And if you ever need a quick refresher, you can always check out the Self Check how-to video under the "Using the My Starkey app" tab of our Support page or in the Learn section of your My Starkey app. Or just reach out to your hearing care professional and they will be happy to help.

Self Check is just one of many ways Starkey and the My Starkey app allow you to take control of your hearing journey. You have the power to help keep your hearing aids working their best, so that you can live your best life.


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